Achieving Recognition in Vascular Surgery is No Easy Task

Tips on How to Achieve + Earn Recognition

Many  in Vascular Surgery would like  to be a star.  As in any profession, hard work, talent, determination and a high energy level will get you to where you want to be.   So how do you succeed?

  • Start research projects and finish them! Engage with a group or Division of Vascular Surgery.  It is hard to become a star alone.
  • Work to develop good relationships with peers and superior. This is not easy. Be generous if possible.
  • Submit manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals.  Your work has to be important and well written – concise and to the point.    
  • Hone your skills in writing and speaking so your work can be presented optimally.
  • Be a first rate clinical vascular surgeon and exercise good judgement to avoid harming patients.
  • Collect patient data and record it completely in a well organized fashion.  
  • Participate  in a worthy society which  represents your interest, and try to become a leader in it. 
  • Submit abstracts to present your work at society and continuing medical education meetings.  
  • Get good endovascular training and participate in and preferably lead device trials.  
  • Stick with an area in Vascular Surgery that compliments your skills and which may not be of prime interest to all others.  Try to predict which area is going to become the topic dejour and get into it early.  
  • Perfect and focus your skills. 
  • Become an outstanding and committed educator and mentor.
  • Affiliate yourself with an academic institution which gives you an opportunity to shine and has a wealth of clinical material.
  • Outwork your competition.
  • Minimize your ego.


Without education, you won't go far.  You will be status quo. Invest in yourself.  It pays off in the end.  Continuing medical education is powerful and it is a must.  Network with colleagues.  Force yourself to network with faculty.  Attend the most objective CME activity.