The Americacn Board of Vascular Surgery (ABVS) was Established in 1996

The ABVS was established to better the care of patients with vascular diseases by improving the training and certification of vascular surgeons. During the ensuing decade,tumultuous times accompanied theABVS efforts to become an independent board of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS); formation of the Vascular Surgery Board (VSB) of the American Board of Surgery (ABS); and creation of the Primary Certificate in Vascular Surgery within the ABS structure. Many activities and controversies surrounding these events are likely to be forgotten. It is often stated that institutional memory does not exist if it isn’t written down. This is the impetus for recording this historical synopsis of the ABVS. These words are relevant to the future of Vascular Surgery and to those seeking to improve the care of patients with vascular diseases.

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